Request a Jira account

Jira is a powerful tool for reporting, tracking, and resolving issues with products ASF projects develop and support. Its value becomes less when spammers and automated tools flood the feed with bogus reports. The ASF therefore does not permit submitting anonymous Jira tickets.

If you are a committer to an ASF project, use your ASF id and password to login to Jira and create tickets. If not, use this form to request an account that will let you submit tickets to ASF projects.

We'll never share your email with anyone else. Please ensure this email address is correct, as we will use it to verify your request.
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This is your actual name, as it will appear on Jira tickets you submit.
Select the ASF project you will initially be contributing to with this account. Make sure you have selected the correct project, and that they are using Jira for issue management, as the project will be reviewing your account request. Once your account is approved, you can use it to submit Jira tickets for other ASF projects and the Infrastructure team as well.
Adding a proper description of your intended use for this account will assist the project in reviewing this request.
We will share your user name, public name, and reason for requesting an account with the project you specify, but will not share your email address.