Create a mailing list

This is the new mailing list address. It consists of a list part (for instance, dev, users, private) and a domain part (,, etc.). If you are requesting a new mailing list for your project, be sure to pick the appropriate domain.
List the email addresses of the people who will be moderating this list, one email address per line.
This controls the behaviour of all emails arriving at the list. Certain list names will have individually hardcoded overrides for these presets.

NB: Reply-To headers will be set to the same list, except for commit and notification lists, which will defer to dev@$project for replies. For special configurations, please file an Infra Jira ticket.

Any private@, and security@ lists created will always be private. For any other private list creation, submit your request in an Infra Jira ticket, with PMC-supported justification for the private list.

NOTE: Being a moderator does not equal being subscribed to a list. If you want to receive emails from a newly-created list, it is not enough to be listed as a moderator: you have to subscribe to the list manually.